piano-tuning service near Fairfax

Our Expert Piano Tuner in Northern Virginia

Here at Columbia Station DC we understand the importance of well-maintained musical instruments, as even the slightest variation in tone or pitch can detract from any performance. This is especially true for pianos, as their sound often dominates a concert or recital and concertgoers are often very sensitive to the notes produced.

The importance of a piano in good repair is why we here at Columbia Station DC invest in services from the finest piano tuner in northern Virginia, Fairfax County Piano Tuners by PianoCraft. Their services are second to none and have always produced the crisp, rich sound our performers expect.

Why Call a Piano Tuner in Northern Virginia

As every piano owner knows, piano tuning is not a simple task! Piano tuning involves adjusting dozens of wires, restoring their tension so that they produce the sound expected. Some piano owners attempt their own piano tuning, perhaps with electronic equipment that reads sound frequencies, but there is no substitute for the “trained ear” of a piano tuning expert.

Here at Columbia Station DC, we have found that not every piano tuning contractor is alike, which is why we always use the best piano tuners in northern Virginia, Fairfax County Piano Tuners by PianoCraft. These pros have years of experience in performing as well as tuning, restoration, and repairs. During every visit, their piano tuning contractors take painstaking care to adjust every wire as needed, ensuring our piano provides crisp, rich sound with every performance.

Between Visits From a Northern Virginia Piano Tuner

While we’re blessed with visits from the best piano tuners in northern Virginia, we know that there is much a piano owner can do between visits from their piano tuning contractor, to keep their keyboard in good condition and sounds its best. One important consideration is to keep playing the piano regularly, as a piano sitting idle is actually likely to go out of tune faster than one used regularly.

Proper piano climate control is also needed, although this is a challenge for us here at Columbia Station DC! The unpredictable weather in the area along with our long, cold winters make it quite challenging to keep our station’s interior at a consistent temperature and humidity.

Fortunately the pros at Fairfax County Piano Tuners by PianoCraft are happy to help with piano maintenance and they suggested several piano climate control systems best suited for our area and interior spaces. Our climate control system reads both temperature and humidity and cycles