Columbia Station DC is proud to schedule a number of events throughout the year, and you’re sure to find something at our historic venue for everyone in the family!


Columbia Station DC is proud to support local bands and up-and-coming musical artists, in every genre from underground rock to classical pianists and lounge singers. We are especially proud of our local lineup and work diligently to spotlight area musicians, especially during Adams Morgan Day events throughout the year.

While we at Columbia Station DC appreciate putting the spotlight on local talent, we also work with nationally known bands and musicians on tour. If you need a historic, spacious venue for your performance, be sure to give us a call!


While our Columbia Station DC offers limited space for performing, we are proud to feature local dance troupes and performers of all types. Columbia Station DC has also hosted magic shows, standup comedians, and even a few puppet shows for the kids! Our location and layout provide a convenient yet stunning venue for any show of virtually any variety.

Other Events

Columbia Station DC is proud to support the Adams Morgan neighborhood by hosting local craft shows, art fairs, and popup stores throughout the year. Under our roof, you’re sure to find artisan jewelry, handmade clothes and accessories, and homemade food you’ll love! Whether you’re a performer or event organizer or are simply looking for something new and exciting to try here in the Adams Morgan neighborhood, check out the latest happenings here at Columbia Station DC.

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