New Jersey plaster mouldings ready for installation

A Huge Thank-You to New Jersey Plastering

One beautiful aspect of the authentic architecture here at Columbia Station DC is our plaster! Columbia Station DC boasts old-world plaster walls and ceilings, complete with gorgeous medallions and crown molding, the design and style of which are difficult to recreate with drywall and other building materials popular today.

While plaster is an amazing material for architecture and its soft texture during application allows for easy formation of decorative details, it does require the services of a professional for repairs and new installation. Fortunately we were recommended New Jersey Plastering, some of the best plaster repair professionals in the northeast.

Why a Structure Needs Plaster Repair

Before plaster repairs began, the pros at New Jersey Plastering explained why a structure needs plaster repairing in the first place, so we could better understand the work involved. One thing we learned is that plaster is applied in layers, over what is called wood lath. Lath refers to strips of wood, designed to give plaster stability and strength as it dries and sets.

One main cause of cracks along the surface of plaster is damage to that wood lath. While plaster itself is very water-resistant, water leaks or excess humidity in a structure might soften that wood lath, allowing it to crack. In turn, sections of plaster then shift out of place, also cracking.

This plaster damage also happens when a structure settles and shifts over time. Soft soil or excessive vibrations often cause a building’s framework to shift slightly or suffer minor damage. As a building shifts and settles, sections of plaster also start to sag or get pulled out of place, leading to cracks and other such damage.

Plaster Repair Process

Once we understood a bit more about the reason for needed plaster repairs, we knew what to expect from the repair process. The experts at New Jersey Plastering started with ceiling repairs and actually cut out a bit of plastering around the damaged area. This wasn’t to create more work for them but was so that they could inspect the lath behind that damage!

This was a necessary step to take, as the plaster repair contractors at New Jersey Plastering noticed some splitting and other damage along those wood pieces. After replacing them as needed, damaged plaster was rebuilt with fresh layers of stucco.

The work didn’t stop there, however! Cracks along the surface of our structure’s plaster ran right through several areas of its beautiful crown molding and ceiling medallions. We wanted those details to be saved, as they are a significant part of why our building is so authentic and charming!

Fortunately New Jersey Plastering was up to the task. Their plaster repair contractors took meticulous molds of those designs and were able to recreate the details in fresh plaster. Damaged sections of the molding and medallions were removed and replaced with that fresh plaster mix.

Once all repairs were completed and fresh plaster dried, New Jersey Plastering applied fresh paint, choosing a color and tone that recreated the antique look of our structure perfectly. The pros at New Jersey Plastering also applied a gold leaf paint finish to several areas of our ceiling medallions, making them stand out and command attention!

Everyone here at Columbia Station DC is grateful for the fine work and expertise offered by New Jersey Plastering. New Jersey Plastering performed plaster repairs that not only restored the structural stability of our gorgeous building but which enhanced its authentic, historic look. We will definitely have them return in the future whenever we need additional plaster repairs or any new plaster installation for our facility.