Appreciating Expert Piano Restoration by McLean Piano Tuning by PianoCraft

As Columbia Station DC transitioned from a neighborhood rail stop to a venue for local artists and performers, we knew we would need to provide those performers a beautiful piano that always produces crisp, clear sounds with every note. Unfortunately the beautiful baby grand piano we had ordered for our venue did not arrive in […]

A Huge Thank-You to New Jersey Plastering

One beautiful aspect of the authentic architecture here at Columbia Station DC is our plaster! Columbia Station DC boasts old-world plaster walls and ceilings, complete with gorgeous medallions and crown molding, the design and style of which are difficult to recreate with drywall and other building materials popular today. While plaster is an amazing material […]

Our Expert Piano Tuner in Northern Virginia

Here at Columbia Station DC we understand the importance of well-maintained musical instruments, as even the slightest variation in tone or pitch can detract from any performance. This is especially true for pianos, as their sound often dominates a concert or recital and concertgoers are often very sensitive to the notes produced. The importance of […]